Getting Started with Tucson Water Damage Cleanup

Act now to minimize damage if you experience a Tucson water damage disaster.

Cut off the water
The first step if you have water damage is identifying the source of the water. If the water is coming from a burst pipe or flooding, your response will be different. For internal causes of water damage, you can shut off your water line. Outdoor water sources can be more challenging, but do your best to direct the water away. If the water is coming from another unit, contact the occupants or property managers to get the water shut off as soon as possible.

Call ServiceMaster All Care Restoration immediately—24/7
To maximize the potential to restore and cleanup your Tucson water damage, it is vital that you call the water damage restoration professionals immediately. Damage worsens the longer you wait. ServiceMaster All Care Restoration had taken care of thousands of water damage cleanup jobs for our Tucson neighbors, so you know the restoration process is in good hands.

Relocate items in the wet area
Anything left in the area affected by water damage is at risk of becoming damaged itself. Items that are in contact with water are especially at risk. Remove anything that you can lift and place these items in another room or on another floor—wherever there is dry space. If you have furniture that is too heavy to lift, especially pieces made of wood or another porous material, place the legs on blocks.