Mold Remediation

Mold Removal

Mold has been around for a long time, but it’s just within the last fifty years that the medical community has realized its threat to our everyday lives. Mold naturally occurs in many places of stagnant water and some sort of food source. We are still learning about mold, but we do know there are harmful effects from prolonged exposure to mold.

How do you know if you have mold in your home?

  • Sometimes you can see evidence of mold on wood, walls or other structures.
  • You probably have mold if you have damp spots or any standing water in your home.
  • You probably have mold if you smell a musty odor in your home.
  • Any unexplained health issues with family members, including headaches, allergic reactions, respiratory problems or rashes may suggest the presence of mold.

Why should we trust ServiceMaster All Care Restoration professionals with this problem?

ServiceMaster All Care Restoration technicians use accurate testing equipment to assess whether mold is present and, if so, what action needs to be taken. Our technicians can address the following situations:

  • Removing existing mold
  • Preventing future growth by effectively treating the source of the mold

ServiceMaster All Care Restoration technicians have a plan for eliminating mold from your home.

  • When dealing with mold, our technicians wear protective clothing and respirators as necessary.
  • The affected areas are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Because mold needs water, our technicians remove any water source and thoroughly dry the area.
  • Once the mold is removed, thorough testing is performed to make sure the area is clean.

Call ServiceMaster All Care Restoration to effectively remove any mold in your home.

  • Don’t try to remove the mold yourself – this needs to be done by a professional so that the spores don’t become airborne, making the problem worse.
  • Don’t ignore mold – it can grow and spread very quickly unless the source is removed.
  • Call ServiceMaster All Care Restoration as soon as you see evidence of mold in your home.

For mold remediation, Tucson relies on ServiceMaster All Care Restoration. We offer 24 hour emergency mold remediation. Call 520-495-0036 for immediate response.