Simple Steps for Tucson Water Damage

Check out these tips for tackling water damage from the experts at ServiceMaster ALl Care Restoration.

1. When you experience Tucson water damage, step one is preventing more damage by turning off the water supply.
2. Keep pets and small children out of the water damage zone.
3. Call ServiceMaster All Care Restoration of Tucson, local leaders in complete disaster restoration.
4. If there may be water in the walls, water in contact with the wiring in your home, or you see standing water, turn off the electricity in that part of your house.
5. Do not use a vacuum cleaner or other household appliance to suck up standing water. Instead, call in the water damage cleanup experts to properly extract the water using professional equipment specifically designed for this purpose.
6. Prepare the space for dry-out and restoration by moving breakable items, valuables, or small furniture to another, unaffected space.
7. If the carpet is wet, place furniture on pieces of aluminum foil so they do not leave stains on the carpet.
8. Remove rugs, curtains, and other fabric items from the space.

At ServiceMaster All Care Restoration of Tucson, we know how tough it is to face a water damage disaster. We take joy in helping you and making the entire process as easy as possible. Call now for immediate service 24/7.