The 3 Types of Tucson Water Damage

When you find yourself in need of water damage restoration services in your Tucson home, the key first step is determining the source of the water. This is important for two reasons: you need to shut off the water so the damage doesn’t increase, and the source of the water will determine what safety precautions are necessary to keep you safe while cleaning up the damage. Possible sources of water damage fall into three general categories based on the cleanliness of the water. Keep reading to learn more about these categories.

Potable water is water so clean you can drink it straight from the faucet. This water is found only in the water lines entering the house from the city water supply, and then in the pipes taking that water directly to the sink, shower, or laundry.

Gray water is the water that leaves your home after being used in the sink, shower, washing machine, or dishwasher. This water will contain minor contaminants from whatever you pick up throughout the day. With proper safety precautions, you should be able to safely clean up some of this water.

Black water is fully of nasty particles that could cause severe health problems. This category includes sewage and floodwaters. Even if you do not see any raw sewage in the water, the microbes, bacteria, and parasites that can cause Hepatitis, Diarrhea, and numerous other illnesses, are likely still present. Floodwaters also pick up disease-causing microbes and chemicals.

Whatever the water damage you experience in your Tucson property, call ServiceMaster All Care Restoration today.