Water Damage Restoration Starting Steps

Immediate action is the key to minimizing both costs and the extent of the Tucson water damage. At ServiceMaster All Care Restoration, we understand how stressful a water damage disaster is and the importance of taking action right away. This is why we are just a call away 24-hours a day, any day of the week. While you wait for the professionals, don’t sit idly by. Here are a few suggestions from the experts for how to get the restoration process started:

• Shut off electricity in any rooms with water.
• Do not use any appliances if there is water on any surface you are in contact with—including the floors.
• A wet/dry vac can be used to begin the water extraction process, but a regular vacuum cleaner cannot be used for this purpose.
• With only a little water, towels and mops may suffice to pull it up.
• If you do not have the ability to soak up or suck up the water, we recommend creating a blockage using towels or other items to contain the water in its initial location.
• Get air moving throughout the room by opening windows and setting up fans.
• Even if your Tucson water damage did not damage your furniture or the items on your furniture, we do recommend removing as many items as possible from the affected area. The more clear the space is for the water damage restoration, the fewer obstacles there are to slow down the technicians.
• Furniture that is wet or in a moist space should be wiped with a dry cloth and placed on aluminum foil to keep it off of damp floors.
• Fabric items such as pillows, rugs, and curtains should be set out to dry.

With emergency services, your team of Tucson water damage restoration experts will be on site in 2-4 hours, so you don’t have long to wait before the professional restoration gets underway.